What  Is Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy uses music as a healing tool, utilizing sound frequencies, vibrational tones and beats to manually manipulate the brainwaves and change the brainwave frequencies an individual is experiencing. There are sound frequencies and tones that affect various parts of the mind and body.  Studies show that sound healing is very effective. 

     How do we use Sound Therapy?

We are combining Sound Therapy and Hypnotherapy together for maximum therapeutic effects. 

Joey Malone is a world renowned musician who understands there is a mystical healing power in music. He has perfected the scientific and mathematical methods behind medicinal music, fusing his skill at creating beautiful melodies with specific vibrational tones and frequencies. We embed these tones and frequencies within the music behind Jacqui Blue's voiceover in our high quality audio recordings. 

Our recordings are emailed to clients within 24-48 hours of their digital session, after being carefully customized and composed for each specific client's personal needs. 

     Sound Bath & Meditative Experiences

Sound Baths are a popular relaxation technique in which participants are "bathed" in sound waves and frequencies. We have created our own sound bath experiences with pre-recorded high quality medicinal music while Joey plays live rhythmic drums and Jacqui guides you through BreathWork and a guided meditation journey. Come experience one of our live sound baths

Mind Passages Hypnosis_FF-01.png
Mind Passages Hypnosis_FF-01.png