Experience an hour and 15 minute journey through your subconscious mind as your brainwaves drop into a deep theta state, the intuitive state of mind, allowing you to connect with childhood memories, pre-birth memories, your ancestors and spirit guides, while in a deeply relaxed and completely safe state of being. 

Ancestor & Spirit Guide Journey MP3

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    This MP3 is licensed for use  by the purchaser (unless purchased as a gift for a different intended listener). It is illgeal to copy, sell or share this downloaded file with anyone who is not the intended listener. 

  • Disclaimer!

    This "Brain Entertainment" file is the original work of Jacqui Blue and Joey Malone and was created with Binaural Beats. 

    Binaural Beats are considered a safe form of brain entertainment, which is known to manipulate human brainwaves. In rare cases binanural beats may cause headaches or dizziness. If this should be the case for you, please contact us for a version without binanual beats and we will accommodate your request. 

    It is intended to be for private use solely by the purchaser and is not to be illegally downloaded or otherwise shared. 

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    There is no refund on digital files.